Last step for searching process is to instantiate searcher service, perform searching and fetch the results. To properly instantiate \KGzocha\Searcher\Searcher class you need searching context and collection of criteria builders

use \KGzocha\Searcher\Searcher;
use \KGzocha\Searcher\Context\FinderSearchingContext;
use \KGzocha\Searcher\CriteriaBuilder\Collection\CriteriaBuilderCollection;
use \Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder;

// Just example context and builder collection
$context = new FinderSearchingContext(new Finder());
$criteriaBuilders = new CriteriaBuilderCollection();

$searcher = new Searcher($criteriaBuilders, $context);

Of course above code is just an example with usage of Symfony’s Finder component, but you can use different context and collection. Only requirement is that both of them needs to implement proper interfaces.

Fetch results

When Searcher service is ready you can ask for results by calling search() method with collection of criteria as parameter. This method will return results provided by SearchingContextInterface::getResults(), so if your context will return an integer, searcher will also return integer.

use \KGzocha\Searcher\Criteria\Collection\CriteriaCollection;

$results = $searcher->search(new CriteriaCollection());    // just dummy, empty collection


Please, pay attention what is returned from searching context.

If you are afraid that your SearchingContext and QueryBuilder might return null when you are expecting array or \Traversable object, then you can use a wrapper that will handle this kind of situations for you. Using \KGzocha\Searcher\WrappedResultsSearcher will always return \KGzocha\Searcher\Result\ResultCollection on each search() and ResultCollection will accept the results only if they are traversable, so if your context will return null the collection will be just empty. Rest of the Searcher behaviour will remain unchanged. Code snippet below is showing how to use it:

use \KGzocha\Searcher\Searcher;
use \KGzocha\Searcher\WrappedResultsSearcher;
use \KGzocha\Searcher\Result\ResultCollection;

$searcher = new WrappedResultsSearcher(new Searcher($builders, $context));

/** @var $results ResultCollection **/
$results = $searcher->search($criteriaCollection);

// Even if $context->getResults() will return null it will not break
foreach ($results as $result) {

// This will also work
foreach ($results->getResults() as $result) {

That’s all about Searcher service. Check out examples and framework integrations for more.