Searcher is a framework-agnostic search query builder. Search queries are written using Criterias and can be run against MySQL, MongoDB or even files. Latest version is supporting only PHP 7. You can find searcher in two most important places:


Did you ever seen code responsible for searching some entities basing on many different criteria? It can be quite a mess! Imagine that you have a form with 20 fields and all of them have their impact on searching conditions. It’s maybe not a great idea to pass whole form to some service at let it parse everything in one place.


Thanks to this library you can split the responsibility of building query criteria to several smaller classes. One class per filter. One CriteriaBuilder per Criteria. In this way inside CriteriaBuilder you care only for one Criteria, which makes it a lot more readable. You can later use exactly the same Criteria for different search, with different CriteriaBuilder and even different SearchingContext which can use even different database.